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K9 Awareness

K9 Treadmills

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There is no doubt that running at the off leash and chasing a ball is great fun for your dog however this form of exercise doesn't achieve a relaxed mental state. For a dog to reach a calm and relaxed state their mental stimulation needs to be satisfied too. When you exercise your dog on a K9 treadmill their brain is engaged as much as their body doing the work. 

Many behaviour issues that dogs exhibit stem from lack of exercise. Whether its a small toy dog to the biggest Great Dane or Mastiff they need to be given more exercise than we generally realize. 

The main objective of regular focused exercise is for your dog to reach this relaxed internal space because their whole body and mind have been satisfied with enough exercise. You will see a significant change as they become calmer, more balanced and listening to commands. A dog in this state enjoys socializing with other dogs with ease and fun.

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