​Next Class Start date: Wednesday evenings, starting April 10 at 7:00 pm ​FULL

Investment $180 - six weeks

Crieteria: Anyone who has taken Novice class

This advanced level scent detection course will build rapidly from the foundation dogs and handlers developed at the starter level. Geared towards competition but also excellent as a challenging game to occupy your dog at home. The course will be taught as per SDDA regulations.

Course Content: 
Introduce Additional Target Odors
Building a Search Pattern
Increase Skills in Container, Interior and Exterior/Vehicle Searches
Introduce Distractions to Container Searches
Increase Duration of Searches
Build Confidence to Work at a Greater Distance from Handler
Line Handling and Teamwork Skill Building
Trial Preparation


The first class will include some furthering theory and methodology, but the dogs will be required to show off where they are at with the game with a quick review. The course will be aimed at increasing both dog and handler confidence and preparing them for the infinite new possibilities competitive scent detection will present!





Our Trainers

Criteria: Any dog is welcome from puppy to senior, as well as any handler. No previous training is required! This activity is great for nervous or shy dog as searches can only be done one dog at a time.

The course will be taught as per S.D.D.A regulations and this starter level course will develop a solid foundation for dogs and handlers to continue towards competition or simply as a fun game at home.

The course covers: What is the Sporting Scent Detection Association? Scent Biology; Training Methodology; Introduction to Scent Theory; Introduction to Odor; Building drive and commitment to Odor; Techniques for effective Dog/Handler team work; Container and Interior Searches; How to set your search and expand your searches. 


  • A HUNGRY motivated dog! (Do NOT feed breakfast! Your dog is guaranteed to go home stuffed!
  • Dog Crate with a cover 
  • YOUR dogs highest motivator (A variety of super high value tasty, sort treats that are quick to break up and quick to consume)
  • Body Harness (recommended) or Dedicated alternative Collar - non tighteneing and spcifically for Scent Detection work
  • 6 foot leash - NO flexi-leashes
  • Clicker (if your has clicker training experience)
  • Easy access Treat pouch--can be purchased at K9 Awareness for only $20
  • Note book and pen
  • High Value Toy (for high toy-drive dogs)

ANY QUESTIONS? email: or post on Facebook --


Saturday -- April 13, 2019  from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Investment: $180 

Ryan-Ann King Smith ~ Scent Detection 

Soul 2 Soul Dog Trainer and Behaviour Specialist, Licensed Family Paws Presenter for more information.   "Train with your brain, not with pain"

Great Beginnings Puppy Class - with Carol Neil 

Next Class Start Dates:  at 6:30 pm - Tuesdays April 2, 2019

                                                 at 6:30 pm - Thursdays starting April 18, 2019                         

(Puppies ages 2 to 5 months only)

Investment $205 - 6 weeks

A LITTLE KNOWN FACT... the leading cause of death for dogs aged 3 years and younger is in not due to disease but euthanasia due to behaviour issues. It is imperative to allow your puppy early socialization between 3 weeks and 3 months in a safe and controlled environment. This gives them good exposure and experiences with lots of people, things, dogs and animals. As many as possible in fact. 

We have recently learned through the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour that it is safe to socialize a puppy as little as one week after their first set of vaccinations. 

Therefore this early development class is all about people socialization foremost and secondly other dogs and puppies and learning bite inhibition or a soft mouth.

It does include teaching sit, down, stay, come, and other fun learning activities all spaced between lots of puppy play and off leash socialization.

All our classes are taught with positive reinforcement techniques; Aimed at creating and maintaining a trusting relationship and bond between people and their dogs. Long gone are the days of needing to use pain and force in order to have our dogs comply. As a matter of fact it is highly recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour that we do not use force or pain due to what we now know about the high percentages of negative behavioral side effects these methods cause.

Good Behaviour Level 1 - with Carol Neil

​Next Class Start Date:  at 8:00 pm -  Tuesdays April 2, 2019 FULL

                                    at 8:00 pm - Thursdays starting April 18, 2019                                          

(6 months or older)

Investment $205 - ​6 weeks

This class focuses on teaching our dogs the basic manners they need in order to get along in our human world, including sit, down, stay, come, loose leash walking, people greeting and building focus in a distracting environment while at the same time, providing owners with lots of behavioural information and tips.​

Puppy and Adult Dog Training & Scent Detection Classes

K9 Awareness

Owner of Doglogix Ryan-Ann obtained her obedience training certification at Canada West Canine Center in 2000.  Since that time she has accumulated ongoing years of experience in dog training and behavior;  working as an obedience instructor, behavior modification consultant, and animal control officer as a Peace Officer with the Alberta SPCA.  Her recent passion is pursuing the art of Canine Scent Detection for over 2 years, thanks to mentor Roseanna Gullekson. 
Ryan-Ann teaches Sporting Scent Detection to competition level. With dedication and hands on knowledge she is one of the first "Excellent Level"  qualifiers in Alberta in October 2015 with her Dutch Shepherd Kolt. Thanks to her training, more and more competitors are finding high levels of success along with others who are happy having fun playing the sport with their dogs at a non-competitive level.

Good Behaviour Level 2 - with Carol Neil

​Next Class Start Date: Thursdays at 8:00 pm - TBD

Investment $205 - ​6 weeks

MUST HAVE COMPLETED LEVEL 1. This class picks up where Good Behaviour Level 1 leaves off and continues to challenge and strengthen our dogs' basic cues by increasing the difficulty of the 3 D's as well as introduces our dogs to the fun of free shaping.



Starting Right! Puppy Class - with Kendra Vetters

​Next Class Start Date:  at 9:30 am Saturday, April 27, 2019 (Classes will run on May long weekend)

​(Puppies ages 2 to 5 months only)

Investment $195 - 6 weeks

​This puppy class is almost identical to the classes run by Carol - except the class is given it's unique difference by trainer, Kendra Vetters; mentored by Carol. Kendra is the proud owner of a new puppy in her life so is very much on the same page as all who take part in her classes. As mentioned above, the importance of early puppy socialization is crucial for your puppy to grow into a happy, well balanced dog. The class focuses on the importance of the right play, bite inhibition and soft mouth. 

​​It does include teaching sit, down, stay, come, and other fun learning activities all spaced between lots of puppy play and off leash socialization.


​Colleen McCarvill, CPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator, Therapy Animal Evaluator SJA - IAABC & her certified Team

​ for more information and the classes they are offering (including Therapy, Agility, Rally....)

​"Training with our hearts and minds, not our hands"

Novice - with Ryan-Ann King-Smith

Wednesday evenings (7:00 pm-8:30 pm) Starting May 22

Investment $180 - six weeks

Criteria: Any dog that has taken a started level course.

This scent detection course will prepare your dog for the Started SDDA level Sporting Detection. Increasing your dog's drive and confidence in searching, at the same time increasing the handler's ability to read your dog's body behaviour while searching. Odor will be wintergreen and the course will be taught as per SDDA regulations.

Weekly practice at home between classes is required and important for your success.

COURSE CONTENT: Containers and container games -- developing confident interior searches, Vehicles searches; How to recognize YOUR dog's behaviour when "in odor"' How and when to call "Alert"; Building search sequences; Increasing your dog's generalization of search of search behaviour' Strengthening commitment to Odor; Handling "blind" (unknown vs known) hides.


​Upon completion of this class you should be proficient in practicing with your dog at the Started level and beyond. Your dog will have gained experience and confidence in three SDDA component searches. You and your dog will have deepened your bond and your dog will love being able to use their amazing nose! Which is their unrivaled natural skill while having fun with you.​​​

Dog Training in St. Albert


Kendra Vetters ~ Choose Positive Dog Training

 Kendra Vetters, (Choose Positive Dog Training) is the proud owner of two beautiful dogs and loves continued training and courses with them to increase her knowledge base. Kendra supports various Rescue organizations in the Edmonton area and throughout Alberta. She became interested in dog training through fostering rescued dogs and began researching training techniques. As her passion grew she began her training with a dog behaviour consultant (Carol Neil) who became her mentor and encouraged her to grow and keep exploring this passion; thus after completing her apprenticeship Choose Positive Dog Training launched in 2015.


Tricks & Tunnels - with Kendra Vetters
Next Class Start Date: Undecided
(5 months or older)

Investment $195 - 6 weeks
A fun class for you and your puppy or older dog; and a great way to bridge the gap between puppy classes and Obedience classes. You will learn how to teach your dog tricks and how to encourage your puppy or dog to explore agility equipment and learn the basics of this fun sport. As with all classes this is a way to continue building or maintaining the bond between you and your puppy or dog.

Obedience Level 1 - with Kendra Vetters

Next Class Start Date: at 10:45 am - Saturday April, 2019​ (Classes will run on May long weekend)


Investment $195 - 6 weeks

Taking training to the next level or brushing up on the human/dog bond, this class will work on sit, down, loose leash walking, recall and stay. We will also learn some fun tricks using the environment that we are working in as a fun way to build concentration and duration.